Denver Education Enterprise is a 501(c)3 dedicated to helping to support the needs of students, teachers, and families of special needs populations.

Denver Education Enterprise (DEE) is a small non-profit, started in 2009, by a special education teacher who wanted to help provide more resources to special needs students, their parents, their teachers, and their schools.

DEE’s main purpose is to provide tuition assistance to students who need different school programs, money to help pay for student and parent resources and experiential education, and funding for professional development and classroom technology.

DEE accepts applications twice a year from students, families, and teachers within the state of Colorado. DEE is proud to say it was able to grant over $19,000 dollars in aid during its first year (2014) of awards, helping more than 12 families, 3 teachers, and two classrooms!

We hope to continue this tradition of fundraising and giving each year, because as everyone at DEE knows, what matters most is helping students!